Feel What You Feel

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I feel the following feelings, one at a time, or all at the same time.
I feel unworthy
I feel unloveable
I feel like a failure
I feel like I don’t matter
I feel like I will never find a man to love me for who I really am
I feel like I will not succeed at achieving all of my idealistic dreams & making the world a happy, peaceful & loving place to live for all beings.
But guess what? Just because I feel all of that, doesn’t mean that I identify with it. Those feelings are NOT who I am, and I know that they are just temporary Ego conversations that are there to teach me a lesson.
Every painful thought & experience carries immense amount of lessons with it. Not just for us, but for ALL of us! If I can figure out how to deal with my emotions that I experience, and how to rise above them, I can then teach you. And we all have this capability. Not just some of us. We all do. We can stay present, stay aware & pay attention to what our feelings are REALLY trying to tell us.
What happens in our society is that we feel negative feelings, and we think there is something wrong with us. Most people don’t even know what the hell they are feeling to begin with. It’s NOT our fault. We are just not taught how to understand our emotions.
What to do with our emotions.
This sounds crazy, but most of us don’t know HOW TO FEEL. It’s called emotional intelligence, and since it’s not taught in schools and in homes, it is our duty, our responsibility to ourselves, to our families/friends, to our communities to take the matters into our own hands, and to start from scratch.
Become a new born baby & teach yourself how to feel! It will change your life! It will shift your perception and your perspective on yourself, on your life. It will allow you to feel compassion and empathy for others. In more ways than words could ever express.
So I say, feel what you feel, at any given moment.
Honor your feelings & your pain.
Acknowledge them! Let them know you see them.
Validate your feelings, by facing them head on. Running away from them only makes things worse. Suppressing your feelings lead to depression, anger, illnesses & much much more.
Love your sadness. Love your pain. Love your negative feelings.
They are there to teach you a lesson.
Pay attention. Lean in & listen closely to what they are trying to tell you.
Now I want to hear from you.
Tell me…
How Do You Feel right now?
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