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I’m sitting here, completely baffled by the response I’m getting on my Vlog: MITT Experience video. I have so much to say, and I don’t even know where to begin… I will just start writing and allow for whatever is in my heart to come through.
The purpose of the video was only to share my experience. I did not intend to get anybody involved or signed up into this training. Because I wanted to keep the video short, I guess a few things that I mentioned got taken completely out of context & clearly created a lot of confusion.

I have always relied heavily on my intuition to guide me through life, and my intuition/inner self has always served me right, and helped me to create the life & lifestyle of my dreams, that I am so fortunate to live today. I’ve been on a quest of personal development and mastery for over 10 years, and this workshop is simply part of that self discovery and mastery. Lewis Howes is someone that inspires me, and the changes that I saw in him after going through this workshop, was a more connected, loving and in tune human being, who is living his life with a purpose to inspire positive changes in the world & help others achieve greatness. I have done my research about this training and have made the decision to trust my intuition, and I am so glad that I did! :)
What I was able to uncover through this process is that the only way to really grow is to live outside of your comfort zone, and for far too long I allowed myself to remain in that comfort zone, because it was safe. But staying there, did not allow me to live out my full potential, that I know deep down I am capable of.
To clarify what I meant about not wearing make-up or editing the video had to do with ONLY this one particular video and not all of my future videos. Prior to this workshop, I would be ok without make-up, but would always feel a sense of discomfort and would be self conscious and live in my head, and worry to much about what everyone else was thinking about me, and how they were judging me. So, the reason it was important for me to put this little challenge in front of myself, and share my experience without any make-up on, and just in my natural self, was to prove to myself that I did in fact go past that issue of being self-conscious. I felt so empowered to sit in front of the camera, and simply share a few words from my heart with you, without worrying about what you all would think of me, or how you would be judging me. And even now, with all this judgement that I am receiving, I am so happy that it truly does not bother me, and I am not taking any of it personally. Perception and Perspective in life is everything, and I have no control over how you all perceive the world, and in this case my message.

Another point that seemed to have confused a lot of you, is when I said “I’m done”. What I meant by that, is that I am done living out of my head, and over analyzing everything. It’s so freeing to have the Power and Control to simply be fully present in the moment, and have the tools to know how to quickly bring myself back into the present moment, if I find myself getting lost in negative thoughts. Thoughts become reality, so it’s imperative to have control over where your mind goes at all times. Because, ultimately that becomes your reality. Most of us live in constant fear: fear of being judged, fear of not being accepted, fear of failure, fear of success, so on and so forth.. and what I was able to gain is complete freedom from my fears, so I don’t have to be a prisoner of my fears, and live in complete balance and harmony with myself, others and the world.
I want to though assure you all, that I am still the same Leyla that you all know, just an enhanced and empowered version of me, that I have always envisioned myself to be one day. I am now gaining the knowledge on how to create the life of my dreams. The positive changes that I witness after last week, to name just a few are as follows:
  • Gained confidence in myself, to be who I really am, without needing the validation or approval of others
  • A sense of self worth that was missing for a long time, due to some personal things that happened in my childhood and teenage years
  • A power to not be afraid to use my voice and state my point of view, even if I know it might not be what others want to hear
  • A deep sense of connection to all human beings, and a much more compassionate understanding of what we all go through as individuals
  • A confirmation in the vision that I see for myself, and the life that I want to create, and the tools to help me achieve that life and manifest that life into reality
I could keep going, but I will stop with those few points for now.
In conclusion, I want you all to know that you are free to believe whatever it is that you choose to believe and that is ok. We are all different, and that is what makes us all and life beautiful. It’s not my intention to influence your life in any way. But I do deeply care about others, and so when I learn something in my life, that helps me, I naturally want to share it with others.
At the end of the day, you are free to choose what you wish to believe, and I am free to follow the path that makes me feel and be unstoppable to create the life of my dreams, where I am living in total peace with not only myself and other people, but also create World Peace, which starts within us all.
With All My Heart,
P.S. Forgot to add one more point. You are all reading reviews online about what this workshop is about, and I am not going to sit here and defend what MITT is or is not. I am telling you, from my personal experience, that it is not a cult or a scam, but a place where people deeply care to share the knowledge and tools to helps others achieve their dreams. Again, you are free to believe whatever you want to believe. But that is my truth, and that is my experience. Oh, and one more thing to add, many celebrities like Oprah Winfrey & Dr. Phil and thousands of others have gone through this workshop and have been able to empower themselves to create positive changes not only in their own lives, but in the lives of others, and the world at large, just an FYI
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